Graphic Design & Photography

After working in Silicon Valley for many years, then moving to Australia, I found myself freelancing in Melbourne. Wanting to work in a more central CBD location, I applied to become an intern for the Victorian Greens. I was selected as one of five interns out of nearly 100 applicants leading up to the 2014 State Election.

GRAPHIC DESIGN & SOCIAL MEDIA: I was able to assist the lead Graphic Designer with print design leading up to the election. I also worked closely with the Social Media and Digital Content Managers to create digital assets such as infographics, content for EDM, the web and social media as well as the office of the newly elected MP, Samantha Dunn.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In addition to offering my skills in graphic design, I was additionally able to use my photography skills to coordinate and project manage candidate photos, event photography and photos to use in campaign collateral in the current and following campaigns.


OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: My invaluable skills became clear to the campaigns team and I became an invaluable asset. Not only providing graphic design, social media content, crucial photography for the face of the campaign, but also as the need arose, audio and video editing, creating agile methodology spaces both for the core staff and volunteers, GIS solutions for the polling booths and reporting on Google analytics.


The average national website monthly visits rose from 131,194 to 398,308 in November 2014. 'Likes' on the Victorian Greens' page increased by 3,000 (up until 5 December 2014) and the Victorian Greens more than doubled their target of winning at least three seats in the state election and now have seven MPs in Parliament.


After the campaign, I was told that the face of the campaign would not have looked the same or as polished without me. My work was so on-brand and of such a high quality, it was subsequently used in the 2016 National Style Guide. Some a are still being used as of 2017.



AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Graphic Design, Vector Illustration, Social Media Strategy, Digital Design, Web Design, Photography, Compositions, Retouching, Typography, Layout, Package Design, Point of Sales Marketing, EDM, Corporate Identity, Branding, Logos, Audio/Video Editing, CMS, CRM, Analytics & Agile Methodology.